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                Soraa has joined Ecosense - Your single source for LED technology.
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                A new color rendering metric

                Together Soraa’s scientists and the Illumination Engineering Society have published an improved color rendition metric called TM-30. This highly precise and science based method is a step up from it's predecessor method, CRI.

                SCIENCE BASED

                TM-30 uses state-of-the-art advances in color science. As a result, color rendering is more accurate, especially for narrow-band spectra where CRI can be limiting.

                MORE ACCURATE

                TM-30 provides more accurate information such as a fidelity index Rf which replaces the CRI index and indicates whether colors look natural.

                MORE INSIGHT

                TM-30 also provides helpful insights into the gamut index Rg which indicates color saturation as well as an accuracy graphic that shows advanced information about the rendering of specific colors.


                Color rendering is measured by TM-30 Rf while white rendering is measured by Soraa's internally developed whiteness rendering index Rw. Both Rf and Rw require a smooth spectrum similar to natural light. Because of our full spectrum technology (violet to deep red), we're able accomplish this with ease.

                Soraa VIVID Color™

                The Spectrum of natural light (shown below, sunlight with a CCT of 5000K) is closely matched by Soraa VIVID Color technology. The four peaks correspond to the violet pump and light from the three phosphors (blue, green red). Which means every color, violet to deep red render as pure as possible.


                Soraa Natural White™

                Whiteness in natural light is provided by ultra-violet radiation which excites the fluorescing agents of white materials — but UV radiation is harmful and undesirable in LED light. We solve this by replacing UV radiation with harmless violet light, which enables the same whiteness rendering as natural light.


                Natural light (above, halogen lamp at a CCT of 3000K) creates whiteness by exciting fluorescing agents with UV radiation. Soraa's spectra use violet light instead to render whiteness without the harmful effect of UV.

                THE PERFECT RECIPE

                Because we have the addition of violet light, we reduce the color rendering slightly, but we make up for that with whiteness rendering. All Soraa VIVID lamps and luminaires are designed to optimize this trade-off creating the best possible combination of beautiful color and infinite whites.



                An important point of TM-30 is that while colors can be rendered true, they can also be made more saturated to enhance an environment or given object. TM-30’s Rg index and color accuracy graphic help quantify this effect.

                Harnessing TM-30 and studying color preference, Soraa has developed a lamp and directional luminaire accessory we call Snap Enhance which increases the saturation of colors while maintaining the quality of light which includes lights chromaticity and accurate rendering of whites.