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                Soraa has joined Ecosense - Your single source for LED technology.
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                • Soraa VIVID BR30

                SORAA OPTIMA 12V TRANSFORMER (230V)

                • Details

                  The Soraa Optima Series electronic transformer is ideal for the 12V Soraa lamps. It's highly efficient, works with trailing edge dimmers, is easy to install, and features open circuit, short circuit, overload, and overtemperature protections.

                  Available only in 230V regions.

                • Features
                  • Dimmable by trailing edge phase-cut dimming
                  • 230V AC input, 12V AC output
                  • No minimum load requirement
                  • Open circuit, short circuit, overload, and overtemperature protections
                  • 3-year warranty
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                • INTERNATIONAL Specs


                    Model # Power Dimming Code Spec
                  230V to 12V
                    TCVW - P - 12- 600 - 70 - 01 - S3 0 - 70 W Trailing edge 07372