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                Soraa has joined Ecosense - Your single source for LED technology.
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                Color: with Soraa Co-Founder Shuji Nakamura

                We leverage science to produce unparalleled spectrum and quality, bringing nature’s light indoors to make illumination something to see and experience.


                You’ve been in our light.

                If you’ve never heard of Soraa before, there’s a good chance it has inspired you in your favorite museum, store, hotel or restaurant. Professionals choose Soraa for an unmatched quality of light, and how it helps bring atmosphere and emotion to life in the spaces they design.

                "Soraa has transformed our paintings and sculptures and patrons experience and reactions to them, which is something that has really given us an advantage."
                - Marc Langlois, Lighting Designer, Detroit Institute of Arts

                The quality of light matters.

                Soraa pioneered full spectrum color rendering LED light, the heart of which is our proprietary LED technology manufactured in California, a technological breakthrough that we further enhance by focusing on every aspect of producing the most natural light possible.

                Full Spectrum Color

                Soraa Natural White?

                Beam, Shadow, and Uniformity

                Color Science (TM-30)

                Soraa VIVID Color?

                Soraa Flicker Free?

                An expanding portfolio of products.

                We began our heritage for high quality light with a line of lamps in 2013 to establish our reputation for full spectrum light. Our expanded product offerings bring superior light to all spaces.

                A commitment to research.

                We support and conduct research to develop insights and expertise to deliver breakthrough products. We are conscious and curious of how light impacts your well-being, productivity and emotion, and of how to make light look and feel better.


                Quality of Light


                Dynamic Light




                Internet of Things

                A heritage of invention and innovation.

                Our founder Shuji Nakamura, Nobel Prize winner and the father of modern day LED lighting, wanted to create a light source that would match the characteristics of our most natural illumination: the sun. It is why the company is called SORAA, which means “sky” in kanji.

                It was an ambitious endeavor that would take years of invention and effort, a mission we continue today with the passion to innovate products that move the technology of lighting forward to improve lives and lifestyles.

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