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Ringside Triumph Boxing Shoes Review
Mon 23, Feb. 09
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2 Reviews for Ringside Triumph Boxing Shoes

  • July 4th, 2011 - 7:32 am Review by Josh
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    Ankle Support: GREAT! Thick padding and just high enough to give support but not restrict. Feels like lacing up a glove.
    Durability: Good so far. Only use them inside the gym on mats, canvas, rubber floors, and hardwood floors. Stitching is tight and nothing has frayed or come loose.
    Comfort: GREAT! Wonderful fit all the way around with no rubbing. Fit like a glove. No cushioning at all, but they give great feel on the floor.
    Cushioning: Like previously mentioned–none. This isn’t much of a problem for me because you’re not jumping around in them anyway. Jumping rope is on the balls of your feet, so these are fine. I like feeling connected to the canvas.
    Grip: HORRIBLE. I slip in these things on my own sweat no matter what the surface is. Even the slightest moisture makes them unsafe. Sucky, since I live on a humid island. This factor alone caused me to go get some different shoes. See my review on the Nike Macho Mai.

  • July 4th, 2011 - 7:35 am Review by Josh

    Oh, forgot to mention: they’re pretty cheap as far as cost. I thought they were good for the price at first, but they really can only grip on canvas, and even then–not much. Good for smooth movement, but horrible for quick cuts. You be the judge as to whether they’re worth it or not.

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